An autism very short (true) story

This is a different type of post from the ones I usually write. This one does not have science at all, but it is a completely true story that I wanted to share with my readers. It is related to autism.

If you are interested, I have several other posts that touch upon autism (with some science) which can be found here, here and here. I forgot, there is little bit on it here! Thanks for reading!


Our almost 15 year old son is in the autistic spectrum. We live in a world where periods of apparent normalcy are punctuated with acute reminders of his condition. For example, as smart as he is (and he is pretty smart), he can walk into traffic without giving it a second thought. As the term autism means, a lot of times he is “not quite here”; his body may be here, but most of his mind is absent.

One day, when he was about 9 years old, we had to be somewhere, and we were running late. I told him to put his coat on and went ahead to get ready myself. When I was ready, I checked on him and he, of course, was not ready. He did not have his coat on; he got distracted with a book. Things like this frequently happen with the TV, with a butterfly or even with a piece of paper.

I got impatient, and went on to help him put his coat on, rather hurriedly. As I was doing it, I mumbled to myself something like “…this is hopeless…”

He then looked at me with his big, beautiful brown eyes, pouted and told me “But I’m full of hope!”

I looked at him and gave him a long hug; I was not in such a hurry anymore.


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  1. What a wonderful story….
    the innocents always say the perfect words….
    Thank you for sharing such a part of your life…
    Take Care…
    You Matter,…..


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