Planarians and viruses?

This will be a very, very short post. As usual, I was thinking…

As I am researching planarians more than ever for a project that I’ll tell the world about soon, I realized that I have never seen any work relating planarians and viruses. I intend to write a more complete post, but for the time being, here’s what is bugging me:

Practically everywhere I look it says that every organism on earth is a target for at least a viral species. There are even viruses that infect other viruses!

(this is terribly interesting; I hope to have time to talk about it soon)

And yet, again, I have been unable to find out any information about viral planarian infections. The most I have found is a couple of papers that report viral-like DNA sequences in planarian genes, not current infections… Hmmm… Processing, processing….

What are you hiding, little guy; what can you teach us?


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  1. A virus that infects planarians would be awesome because no one has created a transgenic planarian, but only because they defy any attempt to take up DNA.


    1. Indeed, although I am not familiar with any attempts to create a transgenic planarian line; that’s an intriguing possibility. Thank you for reading the blog and for your comment!


    1. Thank you! Yes, that is very intriguing. I did ask a virologist in my work about that and he has never heard anything about that either… Let’s see what I find when I look at the scientific literature! (:-)


  2. I didn’t know what planarians were until you used the word, and now goofle has told me what they are.

    You’re the man who talks to the flatworms! I like that in a scientist.


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