A Baldscientist’s Lab update – It’s bittersweet

This has been a bittersweet year for the Baldscientist Research Group. You see, part of my role as the head of a university research group is to try to help my guys graduate so they can continue with their careers and hopefully fulfill their academic and educational dreams. The bittersweet part comes from the fact that I always miss the guys that leave my research group after a job well done.

This year, four members of my group has finished their degrees with distinction and are on their way to continue their path in life.

One of them is not shown in the picture below, but his name is Tom, and completed a Master’s on a study of the interaction of local anesthetics and a natural product (parthenolide) on a specific neuronal protein.

Then there is Clinita, who finished her undergraduate degree and is currently a Master’s student at a nearby university.

Finally, the winner and first runner-up for the title of “The Most Annoying Student of the Universe”, Sean and Debra, respectively (:-), finished their Master’s projects. Sean with a psychology project on cortisol (think stress) on university students. God knows that the Baldscientist lab needs a resident psychologist (:-)… Debra wrote a thesis on planarians as animal models in pharmacology and regeneration biology. Sean is already enrolled in a PhD program in Behavioral Neuroscience and Debra is applying to several PhD programs at the time of this writing, in addition of being a biology instructor at a nearby institution.

Congratulations guys; go on to the world and make me proud!

In addition to the rest of the guys in the picture, I have several more excellent students doing great research… Life does go on…

***Important note: I have lost weight, I look thinner now (:-)…

****Breaking news: Matt got accepted in two dental schools, whohoooooo!!!!


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