I was planning to write a couple of my usual science posts, but I just cannot.

Anything that anyone can say is absolutely irrelevant in comparison with the tragedy that transpired yesterday in Connecticut, USA. Every death, no matter the cause, is sad; period. However, this was not war, a burglary or a carjacking gone wrong, as horrible as those things are, and make no mistake, those ARE horrible. Nonetheless, yesterday’s tragedy is somehow different

I cannot think, moreover, I don’t want to think about possible “reasons”; there’s simply no reason for this. Yesterday, my wife and I were worried sick about a dear family that live in Conn. Thank God (yes, Thank God) they are ok. The relief that we had when we heard from them immediately brought to my mind all others who were expecting good news, but did not get them, especially about their own loved ones, children, spouses, siblings… I do not even know what to say, what think, what to pray or honestly, if prayer will bring some, any kind of peace… That’s all I have to say.



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