Autism Awareness Day – Updated!

April is autism awareness month and today … pass the word!

Here are all my autism-related posts. They are all from the heart. Thank you for learning about this important matter. Share it!

Autism in Science Fiction and TV

How much do I hate Autism? (READ the post first, THEN comment, please!)

Autism and fringe (more or less)

If true, you need to know this…

The best way to teach me

Autism and love

My two great guys

An autism very short (true) story

Autistics: The original Holy People?

Semi-random thoughts: Autism and Spirituality – “Almost normal”

Intelligent Design my butt

Raising a child with autism – some experiences

Why write about science?

Some of the responsibilities of a science writer – Part II








Picture credit (left): Baldscientist.

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