Good news from the Baldscientist’s research group

Dear Baldscientist’s friends:

It is with thankfulness and humbleness that I share with you that our latest paper from the Pagán Lab made the cover of “Neuroscience”, the journal of the International Brain Research Organization.

The way it works is that they solicit cover submissions from the authors of the accepted papers from that particular issue. We were selected!

The link to the issue is:

The picture was drawn by my former student, now Dr. Kimberly Urban, PhD… (:-)


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  1. Congratulations to you and your group! When I looked upon the two molecules, I tried to reason how nicotine differs from cocaine in the so-called mode of action? I guess the Cocaine molecule is metabolized differently for it to act upon the brain of the planarian–whereas the nicotine acts without any metabolism? It has been some time since I have thought about modes of action–(and that was with herbicides–pardon the expression?)


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