Random and somewhat unorganized thoughts

I am finishing a book review that I hope to post today. But (do not ask me why) I do not know myself) while writing it I caught myself thinking something like this:

“Our senses allow us to explore and to some extent understand our world, but when we rely just on our bare senses, we miss most of what is ‘out there’. What science does is to give us the means to expand our senses to detect, observe and interpret facts about the universe that would otherwise remain hidden from our understanding…”

I am sure that this must have occurred to someone else before, but I felt cool to have thought of it.

I know; I’m am nerd (and quite proud of it… (:-)…)


By the way, this is a side view of my own brain…

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  1. And the corollary of this is that science exposes how limited our senses are, enhancing them so we can appreciate the hidden reality that surrounds us.

    A good example of this is the night sky. From the average suburban backyard, you can see a couple of hundred stars at once. From a high altitude desert on a pitch black, moonless night, you can make out roughly five thousand stars. As magnificent as they seem compared to the suburban view, that’s still only 0.0000025% of the stars in our galaxy, and an infinitesimally small fraction of the actual number of stars in the observable universe, which is somewhere around 10^24. So when you say “we miss most of what’s out there,” you’re not kidding 🙂


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