Book review: Xenophobia

This is yet another entertaining and thought-provoking story by Peter Cawdron. You can read the synopsis in other reviews so I will not repeat it here. What I will say is how it made me feel. I went from “I really want to be alive when they discover other intelligent life in the universe” to “I’m soooooo happy that they haven’t found anything and I hope they never will” and back again. Writing that makes you think like this takes true ability. I know that the phrase “I couldn’t put it down” is kind of overused but this is exactly how it happened in my case. I really wanted to know what happened next!

As usual, part of the reason why I like Mr. Cawdron’s work is because he crafts his stories using good science and when he speculates or takes literary scientific license, he does it in a plausible way. There is a deep respect for science in Mr. Cawdron’s work. Furthermore, in his writings science is not part of the background; rather, it is one of the main characters and that’s how you win a scientist’s heart!

The only thing that I would have liked about the book is more, meaning that there was space for further exploration of the story and its characters, and I would love to read a second part of this book. Keep them coming!

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  1. One, What’s the nature of the science in this? I’m curious if he has good speculations about alien biology or biochemistry? Yours, Ben

    1. Hi Ben! He certainly does his homework when describing biology/biochemistry and when he needs to speculate, he does it in a way that makes sense. I really like his work…

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