Book review: “Little Green Men” by Peter Cawdron

Note:  I proofread an early version sent to me by the author.

Peter Cawdron does it again, and even better.  If you are a hard-SciFi fan, you know of Asimov.  If you know of Asimov, you most likely are aware of his various “Golden Age of Science fiction” compendiums with selections from well, the Golden Age of Science Fiction.  Many of those selections introduced us to truly engaging SciFi from authors like Stanley G. Weinbaum (A Martian Odyssey and other stories) and Charles R. Tanner (Tumithak series and other stories) among other greats.  Well, “Little Green men” (LGM) reminded me a lot of those stories; it truly gave me the same feeling.  It had the perfect mix of action, mystery, terror and even a little humor here and there as well as the indispensable science.  Not overtly philosophical or really “out there”, LGM entertains you all along the way while making you think without realizing that you are thinking.

In a phrase: Great SciFi; end of story.


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