Random musings – If I could do time travel…

I am always thinking (In fact, more than once in my life I’ve asked myself “What were you thinking?”, but as usual, I digress…).

Anyway, I have been thinking a lot about time travel lately.  I am sure that part of the reason is that I recently became a Dr. Who and Fringe fan…

I know that as of right now, time travel is an absolute impossibility and I am happy for that. There are plenty of cautionary tales that warn about the unintended consequences of time travel. Also, I truly, really believe that all my life experiences have taught me something and they certainly made me the person I am today, even if I do not always learn my lesson immediately. An wonderful Sci-Fi example is the Star Trek TNG episode Tapestry; one of the very best!

Therefore I am happy that there is no time travel as far as I know (nobody would know if the timeline is changed, but that is another matter…).

That being said, if Dr. Walter Bishop or even better, The Doctor (the 9th, of course…(:-)…) would appear out of nowhere (cue TARDIS sounds) and offer me the chance of reliving the past with full knowledge of what is to come, where would I go?

Most definitively, early 2008; no doubt about it.  None whatsoever; not a one, oh yeah.


Well, first of all, I’d have my wife, my daughter and my sons, just as they are; I would not change that part of my life for anything in the world and I’d defend it with my last breath.

I’d have my current job, doing what I absolutely love, research, teaching and writing and my research would be well under way; I’d also defend these things with almost the same strength as above.

I would talk waaaaaaaaay more with my dad, and of course, I’d try to prevent the events that led to his passing.  I’d do the same with Lisa’s dad.

I’d still be working with flatworms, which led me to write my book, and therefore helped me discover my love for writing.

I would try to learn more from a departed colleague, especially how to work with his “home-made” confocal microscope (yes, he built it himself).

And I would definitively, surely, absolutely change some things from the date above onwards, I’d avoid some people and would try to get to know others better (and no, I will not say who, but not too many, just a couple; four at the most… yep, three, most definitively four…).



Picture credits: www.futuredude.com; coolspotters.com; Baldscientist.

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  1. I’ve often thought a great super power would be the ability to go back in time about five minutes. Not enough to screw up your own personal timeline or anything, but just enough to fix a simple mistake. That’s time travel I could get behind. 😉


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