Attention Bookworms!

I recently found through my friend, fellow blogger and curious mind, MJC, from the Paranormal People blog a new, really cool blog with a fresh, novel approach, the 5readsblog. It has a series of short biographies of people from many walks of life and their top 5 favorite books (and most importantly, the reasons why). Check it out, you won’t regret it and will surely learn a thing or two!




  1. It’s people like you, Bald Scientist… reading, participating, and sharing… that make the blog as robust and diverse as it can be. It’s been the goal of the blog to bring inspiration to people, of all walks of life, who share my love of books I appreciate you taking the time to contribute your 5 on my blog and to bring it to your followers. Hopefully it will continue to grow and share the inspiration with even more “book geeks” like us. Thanks again!


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