Book review: Feedback by Peter Cawdron

Another great story.

Full disclosure: I am Peter Cawdron’s fan, and I credit him for making me reading for pleasure again. He is an independent Sci-Fi author and a pretty good one at that. In his latest novel, Feedback, he somehow (and very well done) combines time travel, UFOs, exobiology and peripherally touches upon genetic engineering and even a little bit of romance. It is very difficult for me to say more without giving things away because if I am hard-pressed into pointing out a negative thing is that it is too short. I liked the characters and how the story is told from two, and eventually three, time frames; it would have benefited from a longer exposition. Like some of his other novels, this one lends itself to a sequel or a spinoff, and I can’t wait to read those as well.


Picture credit: Peter Cawdron


2 thoughts on “Book review: Feedback by Peter Cawdron

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