The First Brain – Some FAQs and a 20 % off Promotion Code from Oxford University Press

Some FAQs about The First Brain:

Q: What is it about?
A: Science, neuroscience and my favorite flatworms, the planarians.

Q: Is it good?
A: I love it! (;-)

Q: Is it too technical?
A: Not at all! The First Brain is a popular science book. I wrote it specifically with the interested layperson in mind. You will not need any scientific training. I do not patronize the reader though; I strongly believe that science is accessible to all who want to understand it and I want its beauty undiluted.

The book is also available in Kindle format and you can download a sample. You can also take a look at the table of contents here. I hope you enjoy it; tell me what you think!

The parts:


Chapter 1. Science
Chapter 2. Biomedical Research

Chapter 3. An introduction to the neurosciences
Chapter 4. The human brain
Chapter 5. Some brief thoughts on pharmacology

Chapter 6. Planarians
Chapter 7. Planarians in modern biology
Chapter 8. Planarians in the popular culture: The arts, science fiction, fantasy and humor

Chapter 9. The first brain
Chapter 10. From corals and plants to planarians and rats



Oxford University Press sent a promotional code (20%) for the hardcover that I wish to share with you. I do not know for how long is it valid for. Thanks for looking!



15 thoughts on “The First Brain – Some FAQs and a 20 % off Promotion Code from Oxford University Press

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