Autism and Despair

I wrote this just a few minutes after I experienced what I am about to narrate, however, this happened a couple of years ago.  For some reason, it seems that I never got around to write a blogpost.  Well, here is goes…

I was watching TV with my boys.  During a commercial break, they started showing one of these commercials in which a deep-voiced narrator said framed in a background of big letters “DOES YOUR CHILD HAVE CEREBRAL PALSY? THIS MAY BE CAUSED BY DIFFICULTIES DURING LABOR…” Blah, blah, blah…. And the lawyer information was then prominently displayed… just in case, of course.

My 14-year old (now 16), who has autism, turned to me very seriously; I would even say with a tinge of angst, and said, “Papá, did that happen to me when I was a baby?”

It broke my heart; he looked so worried, I can tell that he was thinking about how can that could have been avoided.  I told him, “no, that did not happen to you as a baby, why do you ask?”  He got visibly upset and said “No reason, I am just curious!!!!” and stormed out of the living room.

Just curious; sure.

This is another example of the fact that he knows that he is going on, at least at some level.  And don’t you dare tell me that he likes it!

***If you are reading this and you are even thinking about telling me about the blessings of autism, please see this post.  And, please read it entirely before judging me!  Any and all rude comments will be ceremoniously deleted with gusto and extreme prejudice.  Please do not mess with me today.  Thank you very much for your attention.***

Now that I got that off my chest, would you like to read some uplifting, hopeful, good autism-related stories?  Go here, here and here.


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