Truth and science – As I suspected

As promised, but I am rather annoyed, so this will be short and a little rambling…

I saw this church sign while driving around my neighborhood (I parked my car before taking the picture, AND this is not the church I attend). I did not know what to think (well, I did but I was trying really, **really** hard not to judge).

Well, I did not judge, but I may as well have.

On the dates shown in the picture there was a conference on “Truth and Science” at a nearby church, as I said, not the one I go to.  Based on their website, this type of “conference” is something like a travelling exhibit that goes to churches with a fundamentalist ideology.

It is deeply ironic that events like these fool people into thinking that science and truth are opposites.  The wonders of this universe, all the marvelous and awe-inspiring aspects of nature that we have discovered in the last century or so, were brought to us by science.  And, by the way, these newly discovered facts of nature are a rich source of spirituality and reasons for worship to many people.  All the technological advantages that many of us enjoy in our society (most Amish excluded; you have to respect that, practicing Amish are the least hypocritical people I have ever met) are only possible because of science.

I am not disparaging faith.  Not even a little bit.  What really gets me is the dishonesty of many who ostensibly talk about God and in the same breath lie and mislead others just to advance an ideology while enjoying the fruits of what they deem evil and “ungodly”.  That in itself is disrespecting faith and everything it represents including where it may have come from.  If a God needs to be defended by humble humans, well… God does not need anyone to lie for him either.

My stance about faith vs non-faith?  Simple: I will not be bullied by either side… Want to know more? Go here.

I will not allow any disrespectful comments, they will be deleted and the commenters blocked. Please do not mess with me today.




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