Planarians / Flatworms in our popular culture

It is no secret that I love my flatworms.  I am far from being an impartial observer, after all, it is my chosen research subject.  Nonetheless, after I started to work with them purely as a tool, I gained an appreciation of how truly wonderful these critters are.  I am happy to report that I am not the only person who thinks that planarians are cool

Seriously now, many people find these worms fascinating; planarians have recently appeared in aspects of our popular culture, particularly television shows like The Walking Dead and Cosmos for example.  Also, they have been mentioned in Dr. Who, Fringe, The Big Bang Theory and (ugh!) one of the Twilight movies.  Check this out:  did you know that there was even a Planarian Man comic book? Want to know more about it?  Check out Chapter 8 of:


(you KNEW this was coming…)
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This is a popular science book, which I hope to be enjoyed by laypeople and biologists alike.

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