I had a wonderful experience last night at my book signing event. I made a point of having my family there. My wife was there of course, as well as my mom and my sister who are visiting from Puerto Rico. In fact, I planned their trip around the signing so they could attend.

Also, my three children were there. I also made a point about that. Specifically, I did not want to exclude Reynaldo. I wanted him to be there too. If we was loud, if he acted up, if he threw a -thankfully less common- tantrum, so be it. I wanted him too to have the memory of being at his dad’s first book signing.

And once again, my young man surprised us!

My presentation went well by all accounts. I talked a little bit about the brain, about the worms and about the brains of worms. I also teased the audience with the very first line of my book: “Science does not exists” and told them that I’d let them read the book to find out why did I say so.

The presentation was followed by a Q and A section. At roughly halfway, Reynaldo raised his hand; I must point out that he sat still and quietly listening to the talk and was actually very attentive!

Anyway, he raised his hand…

I can honestly say that I did not get apprehensive, not even a little bit. Somehow I just KNEW it was going to be ok. I just acknowledged him and said “… yes, my son, do you have a question?”

He very politely stood up and this is exactly what he said with a big smile on his face:

“Your honor, I must object! How can you say that science does not exists? Are you crazy?”

Mind you, he said it in just the style of Jack Nicholson’s “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!” movie scene…

I can tell you this was one of the top three highlights of my night… (Maybe even #1 if I am going to be absolutely truthful… (:-)…)

Delightful, simply delightful.


My handsome boy listening to his dad…

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