The Importance of having a healthy brain

This is a reblog of my baby girl’s blog… She likes the brain too; chip of the old blog! (:-D

Thoughts of a peculiar mind

What exactly is our brain? Well, is a very important organ of our body which controls our thoughts, functions, our movements and pretty much everything.  Without our brain we wouldn’t be anybody; it evens controls our feelings. When we love somebody, that feeling actually comes from our brain, not our heart. Our brain defines our personality and gives meaning to our life.

As a Psychology major I want to talk about our thoughts/mind/brain. I’m in love with the brain and I’ve learned that is ever so important to take care of it. We NEED a healthy brain to be able to function well in life. That being said, I want to share my concerns about it. I can’t believe that in this day and age, people are so afraid and/or embarrassed to go to therapy or to even meet with a Psychologist. Why do we all (I include myself) think in that…

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