Book Review: “My Sweet Satan” by Peter Cawdron

Full disclosure:

**I am Peter Cawdron’s fan and friend, and I credit him for making me reading for pleasure again.
**Peter sent me an advance copy of the novel (one of the perks of having great friends… (:-)…)
**”Monsters” is still my favorite Cawdron’s novel and I still think that it would make a blockbuster movie…

Do you remember the anthologies of really good science fiction of the “Golden Age”? I read many of those, especially the ones edited by the one and only Isaac Asimov. I have stated before that Peter Cawdron’s writing remind me of these type of stories. Well, if there is a second “Golden Age” of science fiction and someone decides to make anthologies of it, “My Sweet Satan” **must** be included. It has something for virtually everyone. Solid science, good writing, suspense, a tad or horror and an absolutely unexpected ending. I really do not want to say more, because, as I have stated before, I do not want to give anything away.

Pick it up and read it; seriously, I think you’ll love it!

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TFB is available as an ebook (Kindle, Nook, as well as in iTunes). The price of the Kindle version was just reduced by Amazon… (:-)

The hardcover is available at Amazon and at the Oxford University Press’ website.  There’s even a 20% discount code from OUP.

This is a popular science book, which I hope to be enjoyed by laypeople and biologists alike.

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