Raising a child with autism – Oct 2014 update


Hello all!

This post is a little off topic. There is some pharmacology, but the main thing is that for a long time, I have been wanting to express some of the feelings that are part of raising a child with a disability, specifically autism. One way is to share some experiences with you.

I hope to have enough material to write a book someday, but in the meantime, you will need some background to understand the story. We have three kids. My daughter, Vanessa, 23(!) and two boys, Reynaldo, 16, and Andy, 13. Reynaldo has autism, Andy is “neurotypical” (this is code for “normal” in the autism community). Both of them have beautiful dark curly hair, and believe it or not, they got that hair from me… (:-)

“Papá, I will be a good boy, I promise, PLEASE take me home!”
In 2005, I was hired as an…

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