My two great guys – Autism – Update 2014


This is a slight update of a 2012 story. Enjoy!


It is truly awe-inspiring when in the midst of a deep sorrow, deeper love shines through. It never ceases to amaze me.

Today, we lost Squeeky, Andy’s pet guinea pig. Squeeky never did much; just eat, jump, squeek and poop. He sometimes purred when we stroked his hair and even sometimes went “popcorning”; we just thought he was nuts, but we found out that this is not uncommon in guinea pigs.

For the last couple of days Squeeky did not seem like himself, and we were deciding to wait it out or to take him to the vet. He suddenly passed this afternoon. I was the one who discovered him.

My wife and I immediately went into damage control mode. She took Reynaldo to a bedroom while I called Andy upstairs to tell him the sad news. Why did we…

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