The voice of the heart – Autism and science fiction story – Soon on Kindle format!

The voice of the heart is already available! Here are the first few lines of the story:

The voice of the heart

I am awake. Nice; this is one of the most restful nights that I have ever had. I don’t even think I dreamt.

Wait. I just remembered who I am. I was not sleeping. I was activated

He must never know; he would certainly not handle it well and there is a very good chance that he will freak out.  He would not understand that I am not his father while at the same time, in a very real sense, I am.  The part that counts, the part that unconditionally loves him, lives in me, yet in a strict sense, I am not quite the real deal.

Here’s our story.

Available at Amazon! Find it here.

VOH cover

Credit: Baldscientist

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  1. Mr. Pagan I feel 100 % with you, we have 18 years old son with Autism, same problems and I am afraid for his future and sometime I wake up with this feelings 😦 We live at Netherlands, Europe and now we are looking around with professionals where our son can live. There are many possibilities at the land where we live. We have older son, who studied Law and he is officially the mentor when we die. He can keep eye on his younger brother.
    I feel same concern as you and share your feelings.
    Greetings from Netherlands.
    Zorica J.C.


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