“The voice of the heart” available at Amazon in English and Spanish!

The voice of the heart is my first attempt at science fiction. It is a story about a father with an autistic son that… well, the story already available at Amazon.com! Here are the first few lines:

The voice of the heart

I am awake. Nice; this is one of the most restful nights that I have ever had. I don’t even think I dreamt.

Wait. I just remembered who I am. I did not wake up. I was activated.

He must never know; he would certainly not handle it well and there is a very good chance that he will freak out.  He would not understand that I am not his father while at the same time, in a very real sense, I am.  The part that counts, the part that unconditionally loves him, lives in me, yet in a strict sense, I am not quite the real deal.

Here’s our story.


Available at Amazon! Find it here.

Encuéntrala en Español aquí.

VOH cover

VDC cover

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