How much do I hate autism? (read the post before yelling at me)


Based on some of the comments (the nice, the no-so-nice and the plain rude and despicable) that I got when I posted these thoughts for the first time, I need to tell you something:

**Please do not interpret that I hate people with autism, far from it; read the post beyond the title to know what I mean…

**Please do not insult me (especially if you are high-functioning autistic; I heard Temple Grandin -in person- say “…being autistic does not give anyone permission to be rude”).

Kindly READ the post before criticizing attacking me and telling me how horrible a father I am. I you disagree with what I have said, fine, tell me why, but any rude or disrespectful comment will be deleted.

This is a sad and somewhat rambling post, and I apologize for that in advance.


This is the most difficult post that I have…

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  1. I am not particularly qualified to make any comment (I’m not a parent and have no close family members or friends with special needs), other than to say that’s a very powerful post. Thank you for sharing it again.


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