Ten things I have learned (about me, life and the universe) by watching Game of Thrones

Yes, I watch Game of Thrones. Moreover, my wife and my daughter got me into it.

Never watched it? Think Lord of the Rings with an NC-17 rating, so don’t let your kids watch it (for the record, my daughter is 23 24 25 :-)…).

I will not tell you what is it about; it is very easy to find information about it. I will say though, that I am resisting the temptation of reading the books, because as good as the TV series is, the books are bound to be better!

Well, with apologies to List of X, a friend of this blog, here are my “Ten things I have learned (about me, life and the universe) by watching Game of Thrones”:

NOTE: I don’t want spoilers; if you know anything about the characters the is pretty evident that I don’t, based on this list, please don’t tell me. If you do, I will be vewy, vewy sad…

1. Tyrion. Is. Awesome.

2. I don’t want Sam and Gilly to die. Ever.

3. Everyone has some kind of redeeming quality (Except Joffrey, and maybe The Mountain, and Ramsay).

4. Don’t know why, but I love listening to High Valyrian.

5. Being the strongest or the biggest is not as important as being the smartest (see #1 above).

6. Pretty much everyone look after their own interests (usually the ones that don’t, well, tend to die).

7. Disrespect, betray, or mistreat women at your own risk. This may prove lethal or at the very least very painful.

8. Justice and Karma may be fantasies after all (not that I want that to be true, but still…).

9. Seeking revenge is the fastest way of getting hurt or even die.

10. I want a dragon.


11. Brienne of Tarth is the face of loyalty…

Can you think of more? Drop me a line and comment!

Winter is coming… (:-)

It has come to my attention that sometimes my replies to your comments are not showing. I want you all to know that I reply to ALL your kind messages! When commenting, if you want to see the response, there is a part where you “sign up” to follow comments. Also, you may leave an email address if you want a more direct response. You guys are what make writing “Baldcientist” worthwhile and I appreciate it!!!



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  1. How can I be possibly upset about you doing a list, considering that I just finished watching a GOT episode not even 10 minutes ago? 🙂
    Except that I definitely do not want a dragon (too expensive to feed and too unpredictable) and I am also impressed with Lord Tywin Lannister.


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