Happy birthday Carl Sagan!

Today, one of my scientific heroes would have celebrated his 80th birthday.

Happy Birthday, Carl Sagan.

He was what I aspire to be, a practicing scientist and science communicator. He excelled at both. In my opinion, only other top scientist had an equally outstanding writing career, Stephen Jay Gould. I miss them both dearly. I never met either of them, although I once saw Gould at the University of Puerto Rico, invited by my professor of evolution, Dr. David Bruck. I was so shy then that I did not dare to go and introduce myself. Talk about missed chances! I learned my lesson; when I had the chance of meeting a Nobel Prize Winner in neurobiology I did not hesitate, I met him and had my picture taken with him!

My connection with Sagan is even more tenuous than my connection with Gould. First, I went to Cornell (Sagan’s academic home for most of his career) for my PhD. The other connection is rather amusing, my pastor, of all people met Sagan in person and had dinner with him when my pastor was an undergraduate at Vanderbilt! He shared with me that Sagan was very kind to him when talking about science and faith…

Anyway, here are some of my Sagan-related posts for your reading pleasure:

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Tyson is no Sagan, and neither was an Einstein

Credit: Baldscientist

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