Angry atheists (or theists) make me a little angry – With a postcript

This post is slightly updated with a postscript. Besides, I have not annoyed a lot of people in a while… (:-)




I am a regular reader of a really good and thought-provoking blog, Science and Belief. Yes, it touches upon religion and spirituality, but the science is great, very entertaining and accurate.

See what I did there?

I wanted to illustrate the attitude of a significant fraction of my fellow scientists. It is no secret that the prevalent opinion of many is that if a person in science is a believer or even spiritual, that kind of makes them “lesser” scientists. There are of course, several “levels of condescension”, from the disapproving, somewhat puzzled look to full-blown criticism. And that’s only the people who know you!

Then there are some people who do this type of thing “wholesale” in the sense that they direct their rage to no one in particular and to everyone at the same time. This is undoubtedly a minority, but a rather loud and pushy…

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