Society for Neuroscience Meeting 2014

The Society for Neuroscience Meeting is probably the most attended scientific meeting in the world. it started in 1971 with about one thousand attendees. This year, the 2014 installment saw more than 31,000 people there. Here is an account of the attendance by year.


I love going to this meeting. it is a little overwhelming, but you get to see old friends and mentors, and lately, I have had the pleasure of seeing former students, who are developing promising careers of their own.


You also get to see the most current neuroscience research, get to go to talks by great scientists and get to meet great people. In 2008, that’s when I met a Nobel Laureate!

And the publisher’s row, the books, oh all the books! I am like a kid at a candy store when I go there, and more than once, I have met writers there. This year, I was one of them!


There was also an awesome Puerto Rican neuroscientists social, where we had a “data blitz” showing one or two slides. Here’s mine:


Finally, one of the main points of the meeting, presenting your own research…


I can honestly say that this was the meeting that I have enjoyed the most… Talk to you soon!

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