“Fringe” and autism (more or less)

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I am a “Fringe” fan.

Yes, I know that the series ended in January 2013, but even though I have heard about the series before and actually saw a couple of episodes for a project that I am working on (stay tuned!), I only started to watch it consistently several months ago. It was my second “-tflix” binge, after Battlestar Galactica.

Fringe rapidly hooked me…

In a nutshell, to me Fringe was like the X-files with more action and frankly, more lively characters. The show followed the adventures and misadventures of Dr. Walter Bishop, an almost prototypical mad scientist but without a doubt a genius, his son, Peter who had an almost equally gifted mind, and FBI agent Olivia Dunham, on whose side you really want to be in any kind of conflict.

I do not want to give too much away in case you decide to watch it…

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