Neuronal man, Neuronal Worm – The tricky business of “titling” a book..



A couple of posts ago, I showed you a picture of one of my notebooks with some scribbles about the idea for a blog.

I also found some notes on my early ideas for ‘The First Brain’:


Credit: Baldscientist

Those of you bored enough to read my posts (yes, I am in **that** mood today). Surely noticed a common phrase: ‘neuronal worm’.

There is a story behind why I like that phrase.

My master’s thesis and my first few scientific papers were based on a rather famous protein, the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor. As the name implies, this is the molecular target of nicotine, the most addictive drug, period. Not surprisingly, the study of this receptor has contributed to the understanding of not only the effects of nicotine, but a multitude of other compounds as well. Most of what we know about ion channels, the proteins responsible for phenomena from…

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