Concise Addition at the end of the day – Some reflections on my 50th birthday

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This is a brief summary of some nice things that happened today. It was a great day.

Happy New Year to one and all; see you in 2015 and thanks for reading. Tell the world about the blog!!!



December 30, 2014 – My 50th birthday!

Great things that happened today:

-My 16yo son gave me a big Bday hug. Those who know my story know how significant this is…

-As soon as I got out of the house in the morning, a big flock of birds (I believe they were Starlings) flew by. I love those flocks!

-I went to have breakfast at my favorite coffee place (-bucks…). As I was paying, something fell behind the counter making a loud noise and the reaction of the barista was to shout HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (:-) I told her that it was indeed my birthday and…

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