The Baldscientist’s blog up to 2014… Thank you, one and all!

Dear all,

Here’s my “traditional” annual graph with my total views and average views per month vs the year.
bscientist up to 2014

Thank you ever so much for reading me. You have no idea how much I appreciate it.

Things to look forward to this year:

~More posts (duh!). About that, I need some help from you. What would you like to read here, especially sciencewise? I am kind of undecided about the exact type of posts that you’d like to see here (i.e., basic concepts, reports on cool science news / biology curiosities, reports on recent papers, planarians…). Please let me know; ideas welcome!

~More book reviews.

~There’s a couple of writing projects in the works; stay tuned!

~Maybe a book giveaway (TFB’s hard copy)… (;-).

~A free promotion for my Sci-Fi/Autism story. Please remember that I published it in English AND Spanish. Take a look at them by clicking here. This promotion is coming **real** soon!

~And as usual, whatever comes to the mind inside my gorgeous bald head… Happy 2015!



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