The Brightest Smile


You may know that I am a science fiction fan. In recent years, I have seen some popular TV shows that prominently display autistic characters in a positive way. Two excellent shows, “Alphas” and “Eureka”, both sadly cancelled, had autistic characters who frequently saved the day and everything! I wrote about them in a guest post at You can read the post by clicking here.

Now, about the brightest smile…

The following three paragraphs are taken from the Science in my Fiction guest post mentioned above:

“One of the reasons why I liked Alphas so much is that one of its main characters, in fact, my favorite character in the series, Gary Bell, had high-functioning autism. He also had THE coolest “superpower”, he was able to see parts of the electromagnetic spectrum that normal humans are not physically capable of seeing, like radio waves for example (they never…

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