Very grateful for a wonderful review of my first book …

A really wonderful review of The First Brain was just published. Here’s the text and reference of it, reproduced by kind permission of the author:


Pagán, Oné R. The first brain: the neuroscience of planarians. Oxford, 2014. 249p ISBN 9780199965045

The author’s enthusiasm, humor, and conversational writing style make for an enjoyable and intriguing read that should interest science enthusiasts and professionals alike. Pagán (West Chester Univ.) does not bog the reader down with jargon but still manages to disseminate a fair amount of information about a wide range of topics related to the brain. This journey in science history begins with examples of how scientists observe and analyze, progresses to a discussion of neuroscience and the brain, and ends by addressing how planarians have been used successfully in scientific research. Pagán provides evidence suggesting that planarians are a good model system for numerous areas of research, including regeneration and neuroscience, and that their nervous systems have anatomical and physiological similarities with the human nervous system. Overall, The First Brain is a fun and interesting work that makes a plausible case for the effective use of planarians in biomedical studies.

Summing Up: Highly recommended. All levels/libraries.

Dr. Patrick J. Yurco, Le Moyne College

doi:10.5860/CHOICE.185110CHOICE December 2014 vol. 52 no. 04

Copyright 2014 American Library Association.


It is very difficult to explain how rewarding it is to read these words from a fellow scientist, but I’ll try…



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This is a popular science book, which I hope to be enjoyed by laypeople and biologists alike.

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