A good laugh

I have the best students in the world. End of story. This morning, one of them gave me a good laugh, which by the way, I badly needed.

Right after I finished my 8am pharmacology class I have office hours. Today, one of my students went to see me. Their first exam is coming up and they all are a little jittery. I do understand; I am still an unknown quantity for them since they have no idea of how my exams look like.

Anyway, she was rather worried and it showed. She expressed her concern about understanding the material and at a certain point in the conversation, she suddenly said something in the lines of “Doctor, I am freaking out… Just look at my notes!

And she showed me her notebook.

And that’s when I laughed.




Here’s why:


I blurred part of the not-so-nice words for your benefit. I kindly thank the student for allowing me to take a picture of her notebook and post it here.

Also, I am happy to report that I did explained the competition curves concept in detail to her and by the time she left my office she was much calmer… (:-D)

I love my job.

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  1. As a current MSc student, I have definitely gone to one or two professors and said “Hi, I think I just broke my brain, can you help unconfuse me?” Most of the time I have left with the confusion lifted, although, I get the feeling my thesis supervisor sometimes gets more confused than me when I try to explain my “logic” 🙂


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