A promise

***Important note to the 2 1/2 humans, and the alien from Gliese 832c, who actually read this blog***

I know I have not been very “Baldsciency” lately; I just have been Bald, mainly writing things related to my poor man’s version of philosophy, random musings, etc.

Am I losing you because of that?

Anyway, I intend to go back to science real soon; I promise.



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  1. I think not having expectations for this will allow it to go in unexpected directions instead of being a stale predictable blog. If you want that to be sciencey, allow this blog to go in multiple directions, select the direction that works for you and, if you are successful, you have evolved.

    Hopefully, it will be interesting and you will have more readers in the next cycle of blog posts and you will be blogically fit (insert evil laughter.)


  2. I Agree with Martin on this. Do what is necessary for one’s own happiness.if you are in spot where you can follow your bliss and feel productive at the same — I would say that you’re in a good place. I paraphrase Joseph Campbell— following your bliss means you are being a hero to those that need you the most. I hope I make some sense. By the way. Gliese 832c is habitable… 🙂


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