Book giveaway: A signed hard copy of The First Brain . . . (:-)

There’s still time!!!!!


April 17 is a very special day for me. This is the B-day of two very important people in my life: The young man who made me a proud uncle, was born in this date almost 28 years ago. Also, my sis-in-law from my wife’s side, was also born in April 17, in the year none-of-your-******* business!

Coincidentally, April 17 is the official “birthday” of the entity that made me a published (book) author; my book,  The First Brain: The Neuroscience of Planarians (TFB).


In celebration, I have decided to give away a signed copy of TFB to one lucky winner!

In addition to doing this as a celebration, a second reason for the giveaway is to humbly contribute to the education of my community, near and far; this is part of my mission as an academic. My third reason is to try to spread the word about my work and gain…

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