Brief reflections at the end of the academic year


I just graded my ‘final’ final exam for this semester. As soon as I report it, the academic year will end. The graduation ceremonies will be held this weekend and I hope to be there to share the achievements of many of my students, including one of my own Master’s students who sucessfully defended his thesis. Another minion of mine that goes out in the world!

I feel oh, so proud, yet it is bittersweet.

Every year I have a little bit of everything. The really good students, the just fair and, well, the not so good. From time to time I get encouraging notes that warm my heart. These notes and cards say deceptively simple things; what the students don’t realize is that we professors TREASURE these. Especially when such notes say things like:

“Thank you for a great semester”
“I don’t know how can you be so…

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