Writer’s block



I should be writing.

For the past couple of days, I have been staring at the proverbial blank page, which in its modern form, is a word processing software screen with a blinking cursor. I start writing something, which I immediately dislike and is dutifully erased. There’s been several iteractions of that one. I am trying to write something, anything, but very little is coming out. That’s why I decided to rant in this blog post, if only to organize myself and get some motivation.

There are several project on the way, some of them more developed than others. Here’s what I got, in order of “completeness”:

**Two research papers, already revised by the journals. I know exactly what to do with those, but I have to wait until the semester starts and I have access to my minions.

**A children’s book (yep!). The first draft of the story is done and the illustrations are on their way. This was an idea that seemed to come from nowhere!

**My popular science book on venoms. This one’s under contract and I have a deadline (thankfully, not too close). I am very happy about this one. I have 3.5 chapters of the projected 10 or so completed. This is where my “active” block is at right now.

**An “inspirational” book (go figure!). I have close to 15,000 words out of a projected 50-60k. We’ll see where this one ends up. This one is loosely based on this post.

**A popular science pharmacology book. I only have the title of this one and only thanks to my coauthor!

**A possible textbook on astrobiology. For this one I have a coauthor who is also a close friend, but we only have the title so far…

You see, I have plenty of things to do, and actually this short rant has helped me out a little bit… any thoughts? I’d love to hear from you!

Thank you!


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  1. I’m assuming you don’t have a block on every project, so you could just write for whatever project you feel like writing for and know what you want to write. Human brain is able to multitask, so you very likely will have an block-breaking idea while working on something else.


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