My Top Five


I have been checking my blog’s stats to try to determine the direction of Baldscientist. I am serious about writing and I want to determine which topic (s) I should concentrate on. Here are my “top five”

How much do I hate autism? (1897 views)

What does the title “doctor” really mean? (1522 views)

Why the science newsbite is just the tip of the iceberg (1121 views)

The Sagan effect (1079 views)

Things I wish my graduate students did (or did not do) (851 views)

I find interesting that my top posts are not directly related to biology (my specific area of expertise). In fact, I find very amusing that the very top post is about autism, a topic on which I have no expertise whatsoever, except as an “autism father”; at least the other four are science-related!

I would like some feedback from you guys. What do you think? What do you want to read about?




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  1. I’ll add my 2 cents as I just discovered your site when looking for information on Cenbrenoids. Fascinating article and I love articles like this. That being said I’m an medicinal organic chemist with a university NMR lab… I’m always looking for new and fascinating classes of molecules which present interesting spectra.


  2. For the record, I think I first ran across your blog in a post about Sagan, although it wasn’t the post you linked to above. (I think I found the post in the context of a “controversy” about Neil de Grasse Tyson,but I could be mistaken.)

    Perhaps because I’m not a scientist (I’m an archivist who was trained as a historian), I probably prefer the posts where you comment on science rather than delve into the science of things. Still, I like your posts a lot; keep it up!


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