Of Blogging and Friendships

This is a rather short post with some thoughts that I had today on the title’s topic…

True friendships are a blessing. They are also rare, and highly dependent on the specific context of your relationship with the other person. One thing is for sure, almost invariably, you choose your friends, with a little bit of serendipity and luck.

One’s first friends are usually from school. This is rather common simply because one tends to seek the company of like-minded people, usually playmates. Now middle school is a magical time in many ways, including friendshipwise. At that age, you begin to “discover the world” as a pre-grownup. Many such friendships stand the test of time. In the words of Stephen J. Gould:

“Blood may be thicker than water, but junior high school friendships are thicker than anything.”

What? You do not know who SJG was? Well, look him up! I’ll wait…

…  …  …

Anyway, as we walk through life, we keep looking for playmates to share life with. Relatively late in life, about 5-odd years ago, I realized that I could blog. Over time, by reading other people’s blogs, I am happy to say that I have developed nice e-friendships with fellow bloggers who share with me a love for writing.

Here’s the funny thing…

If I’d been asked when I started doing this, what type of blogs would I’d be most likely to read now, I would have surely simply said “science”. True enough, there are a couple of those that I read regularly, but life surprised me with unexpected friends who like to write in other areas. I frequently interact with the authors of 6 blogs. In a couple of cases, I have even collaborated or are still collaborating with some of them. In this elite group, there is a science fiction fan, a trivia/humor enthusiast, a Shakespearean scholar, a Forteana researcher, a spiritual thinker, and a science buff.

I never thought possible (this is where I date myself, since I grew up in the pre-internet era) that because of the wonders of technology I would meet people that in all likelihood would have never met otherwise, people whom with I have never shared a handshake, a hug, or a beer, (heck I don’t even know the name of one of them!) who nevertheless I am privileged to call friends…

Whew, long sentence! Sorry about that…

Anyway, here are my “Magnificent Six”. You guys should check them out. They write interesting stuff and they write it well…

The science fiction fan and best-selling writer

The trivia/humor enthusiast

The Shakespearean scholar

The Forteana researcher

The spiritual thinker

The science buff

I don’t think I have forgotten anyone. If I did, or if I mischaracterized anyone, please yell at me and I will fix the mistake… (:-)

Thank you for being in my life!




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  1. Aww, thank you for including me… Although I honestly didn’t realize you did until I clicked on the “Trivia/humor enthusiast” link because it seemed interesting, and ended up back on my blog. 🙂


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