This is what writers live for… A story about “The First Brain”

Hello again! I wanted to tell you a wonderful story that warms my heart as an educator as well as a writer. It is about my book The First Brain. I have a good friend who is also an educator. More, he is the kind of educator that counts the most, as he has the immense responsibility of molding the impressionable minds of “Junior High Schoolers”.

He shared with me that he has The First Brain on his science shelf in his classroom. Sometime ago in the last period of the day, he saw one of his 8th grade students -who happens to be a reluctant reader- pick my book from the shelf and started reading it, looking captivated. He did read the entire book and is re-reading it! My friend told his student that he knows me and he asked him if he had anything to say to me. The student said: “Tell him he’s awesome.”


As proud as I am of my book, this alone made it worth all the effort.


Credit: Oxford University Press


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