Book Review: Monsters Among Us by Linda Godfrey

A confession: I love Forteana!!!

Yes, I do, I love UFOs, I love mysteries, and I even (used to) love Ancient Aliens (gasp!). I love watching “bigfoot” TV shows and I always joke with my wife that I am the idiot who stays tuned when they go to commercials right after saying “COMING UP NEXT: WILL THEY FINALLY DISCOVER THE DEFINITVE EVIDENCE THAT PROVES THE EXISTENCE OF BIGFOOT?” I know, they didn’t, but I “stay tuned” nonetheless!

These topics entertain me; always have, always will. However, I also have a scientific mind, a mind in quite good shape I hope, so I know that even though I am scientifically sure that there’s life “out there”, I am quite skeptical about them being the reason for UfOs, which I strongly think that in most cases represent very human-made secret aircraft. Maybe tomorrow I’ll see one and I will change my mind, but not today.

Also, don’t even get me started about Ancient Aliens! I used to love that show, and the main premise still intrigues me, heck , it even intrigued Carl Sagan, so I think I am in good company. By the way, the Sagan-Ancient Alien idea connection is not new. Just read his own books. At first the show was pretty good. A little soft on the actual science and quite strong in less-than-sound spculation, but it was all right, until things got really out of hand. At some point, we humans we were not smart enough to come up with the pyramids and agriculture on our own, but then all of a sudden we were not even stupid enough to “create” Hitler and the Crusades by ourselves… I am sure that you know what I mean.

Then there is Bigfoot and related beasts, whatever they are. Now on this one I am quite grateful that I have never seen any of the entities that Ms. Godfrey describes in her excellently written book. I truly do not know how would I react.

Anyway, in Monsters Among Us Godfrey chronicles many cases that according to her, tell the story of sightings by reliable, serious people; some of these witnesses do not look for publicity, which speaks of their sincerity and gives extra value to their testimony. I do not know what they saw, but in my mind, it is undoubtable that something strange was seen indeed. My curious mind wants to know what these are, but again, from a distance!This is a well-researched book, that catches up the attention of the reader and do not let go (now, I experienced this myself!). Some of her stories truly made me wonder… What if?

As a matter of personal preference, the book is weakest when speculating about the possible “spiritual” nature of the (animals?) seen in these stories. I am also quite skeptical about the speculations about portals to other dimensions as the origin of these beasts. This is actually quite outside of the realm of accepted science. I do not want to describe anything in detail lest I give things away, so I will not elaborate.

That being said, the book was really good, again, well-written, entertaining, and thought-provoking. Now, these are many of the main reasons why people read anything afer all, am I wrong? If you like these topics, read this book, it will not disappoint.

Picture credit: Tarcher Perigee

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