A Heartfelt Apology


A few days ago, I reposted on a social media website a cartoon from a fellow blogger, a picture that looked like this (“redacted” for soon so be obvious reasons):


This post brought some strong reactions from friends and acquaintances. In at least one case, I was publicly subject to some strong, harsh, and frankly insulting words, and I did not take kindly to that. I was also “unfriended” by some and that was their choice.

However, it took the sincere, kind, firm —and private— handwritten letter from a true friend, a letter that arrived at my house today, to nudge me into some much-needed self-reflection.

The world in general and our country in particular are going through rather confusing and difficult times. Many of us, including myself, see in the current political climate chilling similarities to the evil politics that our parents and grandparents of the “greatest generation” fought against, close to 80 years ago. If I stay silent, I would feel that I will be like those who through inaction, allowed the massacre of the Jewish people, of homosexuals, of the mentally impaired, and pretty much all others who someone like Hitler did not like. If I have anything to say about it, never again. My children deserve better.

In great part because of this fact, I intend to keep speaking up for the things worth defending. But in the meantime, I need to apologize for posting that cartoon and leave it at that, with no explanation. By reposting that cartoon I did not mean to imply that all Christians agree with all the injustices that the current politics are bringing forth. Most Christians I know are decent, gentle souls, who are suffering every bit as much as I am with the ordeals that many people are going through today. And sadly, I am afraid that things will get worse before they get better.

However, I need to acknowledge that those who approve of the sheer immorality of the current politicians in power do so not because they are “Christians”, but because they do not truly follow what Christ taught. I am truly sorry for implicitly equating many of you, my friends, with the kind of people that are in power right now or with the “Christians”who think that this government can do no wrong. I allowed the anger, and yes, the fear that I feel, get the best of me and generalize. I should not have done that.

It is true that I do not consider myself a “Wannabe Christian” anymore; that has not changed. And contrary to what some of my friends think, politics had very little to do with it. However, I am not prepared to discuss my reasons here except to say that I may not want to be a Christian anymore, but I intend to keep searching for God.

One things is for sure: as I said, I will keep speaking up. I will raise my voice when “the least of these” are abused, I will defend the hard-earned rights of all people in our country.

You (and you know who you are) and I are in full agreement about many things, and at the same time, we do not agree in many others, but I intend to be more careful in what I say in person and “electronically”, and when I might need to say something in strong terms, I will do so forcefully, with conviction, in good faith, but rest assured, with respect.

Thank you.

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2 thoughts on “A Heartfelt Apology

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  2. I’d hate to be the first to throw a stone because we’ve all at one time or another reposted something that struck a nerve, only to later regret our knee-jerk reaction. Then again, sometimes a shocking post may be what we need in order to think harder about our beliefs (political or religious). I am glad the incident was a learning experience and that you had the courage for inner-reflection and to acknowledge your post’s generalities. But I am also glad this will not stop you from speaking out, as we all need to make sure we continue to speak up and speak out. We are going thru a very dark time in American history and future generations will look back and wonder what the hell happened, but they will also look back and note than many of us did not remain silent.

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