I loooooove invertebrates …

In general, for a variety of technical and physiological reasons, terrestrial invertebrates do not tend to grow very large. Here is one of the coolest exceptions:


Picture credit: Dr. F. de Waal FB page

This beauty is the Giant African Land Snail. It is considered an invasive species (and pest) in some places, but from the pure perspective of science lovers, it is simply a fascinating organism.

in graduate school, I took a laboratory course in neurophysiology, and we used a variety of invertebrates, including snails to learn about the nervous system. I got very good at dissecting snail brains; they are a sight! I like brains in general, but invertebrate brains in particular. I am currently reading a book that uses the example of octopi behavior to explore the general topic of the mind. I hope to review it here soon!

Tell me what you think!


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