When you sell your soul to the lowest bidder

The very first thing that I’d like to say is that I do not wish to generalize and make anyone believe that this post is anti-Christian. Rather, it is very much pro-Christian. What I see in this current government is anything but Christlike. No thinking person can honestly argue against that.

Also, by no means I am including all Christians I know in the category of the kind of people that are directly responsible for the election of our highest office. However, some of them are actually happy with how things are, showing their uncaring behavior and true face, and I have therefore cut the proverbial ties accordingly…

However, most of the people of the church that I used to attend are truly good people, and I trust that once they see the injustices that are being committed, their integrity will guide their future actions. For what I think about these good people, please see here.

That being said, I must speak up. Here goes:


It makes me sad…

~To see my country destroy virtually everything that made it truly great.

~To fear for the safety and the future of my children, my country and my world.

~To fear for my own safety because my accent is different.

~To know that it makes no sense to be isolated from the world, and to be certain that we are headed exactly to that. What are we going to do without allies? How can we be so arrogant to think that we can insult left and right and expect to be supported when things get really though? This country is powerful, but not all-powerful, and what are we going to do against the whole world? And in these lines…

~To see how we’re are becoming the laughingstock of the world. To see the pettiness of the man who holds the highest office of this nation reduced to a whiny brat. How undignified is that? I really thought that most people were above his vulgar behavior; evidently I was wrong. Make no mistake, The Whole World thinks that American are incredibly stupid because of who we elected.  If the world does not respect our “highest citizen” how much regard do we think that they’ll have for the rest of us? Aaaaaand in these lines…

~To be absolutely sure that the rejection of properly done science and education will end up eliminating our edge internationally. In the end, results trump (yes, I used the word) politics and money; if something does not work, nobody will buy it, meaning … no money, end of story. How will we expect economic progress without science, mathematics, and technology? We’ll be truly “left behind”, and not in the way that many would like.

~To see how so many people respect women so little… and getting away with it, not only privately, but at the level of our very own senators! I just cannot wrap my mind around that. I find it even more difficult to believe that there are women who think so lowly of themselves that they will submissively accept such disrespect for the sake of political agendas. I am really trying to be polite here but WFT??????? We cannot truly believe that this was commanded by God.

~To see a flare-up of our society’s very worst instincts: racism, xenophobia, homophobia, and deeeeeeeeeply misguided nationalism among many others. This is simply not Godly, and if we think this is Godly, then our true God is politics.

~And many more things, but, at the very top of the list…

To realize that the direction that our country is currently taking was only possible because of the contribution of people who:

*I thought I knew…

*Very good people…

*People of **character**…

*And many like-minded people who I will never know…

~Many of them who sincerely thought that they were voting for the best candidate for the country, for a series of reasons that may be interpreted as political or religious.

~Many of them who truly believed in the honesty of a group that right now is showing its true face. Please open your eyes!!!!

~Many of them just did not like the other candidate, again for a variety of reasons, including the bare fact that she was a woman.

~And many, many more who simply sold their souls, compromised their integrity, who were willingly blinded and deceived by someone who is everything but a Christian… again, for the sake of dirty politics. I wonder, what are they going to say if it turns out that after this life we will all indeed be judged? I hope they realize that is this is true, all the politics, all the money, all the power, all the lies (yes, they won’t be able to fool anyone “up there”), will not count anymore? They’d better hope that there’s nothing after here, don’t you think? And if they do actually hope that there is nothing after here in order to escape the consequences, what does that make them then? At least they should have the integrity of admitting it.

The truth was always self-evident, but they did not seem to care… Earthly politics overrode compassion, common sense, and simple human decency.

And all those attitudes truly made me not to stop looking for God, but it made me stop looking for Him in the style of what ostensibly was “Evangelical Christianity”…  Well, no longer will be searching there, that’s for sure. I still long for God, I still want to find that faith that I do not currently have, but I am simply not sure where to look for it. Let’s see what happens.

Sorry for the rambling post, but I am very sad… It hurts.

However, I will still speak up, because…

~ I must still hold on to the hope that we will learn from this period in our history.

~I will certainly not forget about what is happening today, especially when it is time to vote for my senators, and to vote in every single electoral activity where  I can get my opinion heard.

~I have always been a little naïve, as in “…leave the politics to others”. We’ll, I am done with that. Thankfully I have a pretty decent brain and I think that the time is ripe to use it in things other than science, even if it is only by voicing my opinions to the three and a half people who regularly read this blog.

So there.


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  1. I suppose I’m that half person that reads this blog so here goes….. get active and stay active but pace yourself because you’re in a marathon rather than a sprint.

    Although this situation is overwhelming, I think it is best to pick a couple issues out of the many that present themselves on your news-feed and focus on those couple of things that you can do.

    Otherwise, we will burn out and all they need to do is wait for it to happen.

    Personally, I’m focusing on getting rid of gerrymandered districts (like PA’s 6th and 7th that look like some mutated amphibian.) I am also going to focus on the needs of refugees and immigrants.

    I hope you can find yourself encouraged by the large uprising of people that will not be told to accept this evil in our nation.. The Woman’s march was inspiring, I was there. The protests at the airport were as inspiring. This is our nation, those are *our* streets, water is necessary for life, every vote should weigh the same, and we welcome refugees because that’s what Jesus would do.


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