If I could turn back time (historically, that is)

I like my life, warts and all. One of the very reasons why I am cautiously happy that time travel does not seem to be possible is that I would not change one thing about my life, with very few possible exceptions. However, sometimes I indulge in thought experiments, brought about spontaneously or by a book passage that I just read. This latter case just happened to me.

If I could change three historical facts without timeline consequences (I know that’s not possible by the way) they would be:
(1) The burning of the library of Alexandria.

(2) The artificial division of Africa and the Middle East by the Europeans.

(3) The Holocaust or any other genocide-like event.

What are yours?


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  1. I saw this graphic elsewhere not long ago and posted it to my own page. I think it is a valid commentary.


  2. I’d hate to be the first to throw a stone because we’ve all at one time or another reposted something that struck a nerve, only to later regret our knee-jerk reaction. Then again, sometimes a shocking post may be what we need in order to think harder about our beliefs (political or religious). I am glad the incident was a learning experience and that you had the courage for inner-reflection and to acknowledge your post’s generalities. But I am also glad this will not stop you from speaking out, as we all need to make sure we continue to speak up and speak out. We are going thru a very dark time in American history and future generations will look back and wonder what the hell happened, but they will also look back and note than many of us did not remain silent.


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