Book review: Medical Neurobiology 2nd Edition by Dr. Peggy Mason

Medical Neurobiology

Dr. Peggy Mason

Oxford University Press; 2 edition (March 15, 2017)

ISBN-13: 978-0190237493


Probably the best way for me to tell you about Dr. Mason’s book is what I told her publisher:

“My opinion of this book is admittedly biased because I love the brain as much as Dr. Mason does. That being said, as in any discipline, there are some book that are better than others and I can objectively say that this second edition of her book Medical Neurobiology is one of the very best books in its class. Dr. Mason has managed yet again to produce an erudite, comprehensive, and superbly explained account of the current state of the field as should be understood by the medical or graduate student. I wish I had used Medical Neurobiology 2nd Edition as a neurobiology textbook in graduate school, preferably with Dr. Mason as the professor.” 

Do I have to say that I highly recommend this book?



Table of Contents

Preface to the Second Edition
Preface to the First Edition

Section 1: Introduction to Medical Neurobiology
Chapter 1: Introduction to the Nervous System
Chapter 2: Cells of the Nervous System: Neurons and Glia

Section 2: Neuroanatomy
Chapter 3: Developmental Overview of Central Neuroanatomy: The Tube within the Brain
Chapter 4: Spinal Cord: Conduit between Body and Brain
Chapter 5: Cranial Nerves and Cranial Nerve Nuclei
Chapter 6: The Versatile Brainstem
Chapter 7: Forebrain: Action, Perception, Emotion, Thought
Chapter 8: Following the Nutrients: Bloody Supply, Blood – Brain Barrier, and Ventricles

Section 3: Neural Communication
Chapter 9: The Neuron at Rest
Chapter 10: Electrical Communication within a Neuron
Chapter 11: Neurotransmitter Release
Chapter 12: Synthesis, Packaging, and Termination of Neurotransmitters
Chapter 13: Receiving the Synaptic Message

Section 4: Perception
Chapter 14: Perceiving the World
Chapter 15: Seeing the World
Chapter 16: Audition: Communication Portal
Chapter 17: Somatosensation: From Movement to Pain
Chapter 18: The Vestibular Sense: Balance and Equilibrium
Chapter 19: Gaze Control

Section 5: Motor Control
Chapter 20: Voluntary Motor Control
Chapter 21: The Motor Unit and Orderly Recruitment
Chapter 22: Reflexes and Gait
Chapter 23: From Movement to Action: Postural Stability, Orienting, and Praxis
Chapter 24: Cerebellum
Chapter 25: Basal Ganglia: Action Selection

Section 6: Homeostasis
Chapter 26: Introduction to Homeostasis
Chapter 27: Homeostatic Systems: Staying Alive

Section 7: You and the Brain
Chapter 28: The Brain in a Physician’s Life


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