A New Year’s Eve brief thought… December 31, 2017

Perhaps it is because I turned 53 yesterday, or maybe it is because I think too much, but this morning I was in a kind of philosophical frame of mind (Sorry not sorry NDT!).


While driving to a certain place (hint: please see picture at left) I was pondering on the significance of yet another year coming by, and how grateful I am of the privilege of still be around. At that point, my debunker-cynical-hyperrational part of my mind (don’t you look so smug, we all have that, just like in the cartoons, a little angel or demon on each shoulder whispering ideas) made me think that this New Year business is all a cultural and societal construction, that today and tomorrow have no intrinsic difference in their significance, —you get the picture. At that point I started laughing out loud (by the way, it is a great feeling). I laughed because my proverbial angel or demon (you decide) on my shoulder immediately whispered to me that one of the characteristics that make us human is precisely that we give meaning to ostensibly “meaningless” (as far as we know) events, like yet another turn around our sun.

Otherwise, what’s left is a person looking like the famous grumpy cat or like Mr. Incredible waiting for “something amazing” to happen.

I hereby refuse to live like that.

I fully realize that more often than not, we live in a difficult world. Every person has a unique life, with a unique set of problems, some waaaaaaaaaaaaay worse than others. I do not have the power to make these problems disappear, but I wish upon all my fellow beings in this world of ours the ability, from time to time at least and to the extent possible, to find significance and beauty. This attitude will give us the  respite that we all need and deserve.

Happy New Year!

See you in 2018!

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  1. One, I like what you have said, and how you have said it. I don’t understand, though, that both you and I are bald, yet you can write circles around me. I think if one bald man can write that well, the other should be able to do so as well. But seriously, I appreciate being on your blog list; I’m 75 and still learning, even from people only 53!


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