Strange Survivors is here!

A little teaser of “Strange survivors”:

“Why should you read this book? In a nutshell, because the living

world is majestic and awe inspiring, and because by learning about

it we may also come to understand ourselves a bit better. It is as

simple as that. Life on Earth is—still, despite the breakneck pace of

extinctions—majestically diverse, and displays, in Charles Darwin’s

most famous words, “endless forms, most beautiful and most wonderful.”

Biological life fills us with wonder with its unending mysteries, puzzling

behaviors, breathtaking beauty, raw violence, and unexpected

liaisons. However, …”


Interested? (;-)

Hello everyone! As always thanks so much for following. I have some great news! I received my copies of Strange Survivors yesterday. The book looks beautiful! It is a wonderful feeling that I won’t even try to describe…

The book will be available on February 27, 2018. For more information about it, please go to the website of the good people at BenBella Books.

Also, please remember that I will organize a giveaway of a signed and dedicated copy of Strange Survivors ***and*** a signed and dedicated copy of my first book, The First Brain: The Neuroscience of Planarians (don’t be fooled by the title, The First Brain is also a popular science book! I will announce the details of the giveaway in a few days. Please stay tuned!

Also, would you recommend my blog to the world, or at the very least your friends? I am trying to increase the number of subscribers. There are more surprises coming, including more freebbies… Thanks!



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